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                About us
                      Founded in 2007 with its headquarter at Guangzhou China, Guangzhou Homart Industrial Co., Ltd was listed at Guangdong Equity Exchange (Stock Code 880092). For more than a decade, we have focused on the African market, constantly adapting and innovating, and have now developed into a successful multinational corporation. Our business scope covers trading of building materials, logistics, real estate development, construction, PVC pipe manufacturing,hotels, supermarkets etc. Our subsidiaries can be found in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Malawi, Ivory Coast, Mali, Ethiopia and Tanzania. 

                      The Company has its own brand HOMART, dedicated to R&D, manufacturing and marketing of ceramic tiles, sanitary ware and daily necessities. Meanwhile, we have acquired dealership from HONGYU CERAMICS, FAENZA, EAGLE CERAMICS, LESSO, VIDA and other well-known brands. 
                      Facing a rapidly growing economy and intense market competition in Africa, we are courageous to take up the challenge and excel ourselves. In 2014, we formally set foot in the real estate industry. Business scope involves project planning, construction, architecture, real estate sales and marketing, property management, housing agency. We have successfully developed Kigali Industrial Zone, Dmall Hotel, Phoenix Plaza, Rose Garden Private Apartment, Elizabeth Golf Apartment,Phoenix Villa.We have large-scale city complex projects Greenland Plaza and Union Plaza. 

                      With our grand vision of BECOME INDUSTRY BENCHMARK, CONTRIBUTE TO DEVELOPMENT AND ADVANCEMENT OF AFRICA, and our business philosophy of PROMOTE SOCIAL PROGRESS, REALIZE CUSTOMER VALUES, BOOST EMPLOYEE GROWTH, guided by GOING GLOBAL STRATEGY and BELT AND ROAD INITIATIVE, we are confident of our growth in the coming era.

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